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We are no longer distributing American chestnut seedlings, and 

American chestnut seed requests for the first 121 cooperating growers were mailed on October 13.  We shall continue to fill chestnut requests for all Grower Agreement Forms received by November 1, 2010.  This fall, established growers who have sent in their annual reports may request more than 10 chestnuts.
To take part in the American Chestnut Cooperators' Foundation nut distribution,  you fill out and sign a Cooperating Grower Agreement Form  and send with a check made out to ACCF for your annual contribution of $20.   Grower orders are submitted on the Grower Agreement Form (above).   Orders from established growers  must be accompanied by the annual report of your surviving American  chestnuts (unless we already have your report on file).  Mail to:  ACCF,  Forest  Service Road 708, Newport, VA 24128 or report via the web at this link Online Report Form.  

To insure that American chestnut groves, established with our help, accurately reflect our breeding program, we have changed the Grower Agreement form.  To request ACCF chestnuts or scions, please fill out and return the new form  (link on front page).  If  you have already reported via our Web site, please indicate this on the Report form.  The $20 donation to ACCF research is unaffected by inflation.

The REPORT FORM is at  send in your reports as soon as you are able.

It is never too early to establish defenses to keep deer out of your plantings:  here in Virginia, where the deer herd is out of control, we must protect all chestnut seedlings and grafts with staked weld wire cages, 5 feet tall and at least 2.3 feet in diameter.

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Last updated 11/07/2010